Matt Etherington, a player for Stoke City, admitted to £1.5 million in card game losses with other players. (source) He’s now attending Gambler’s Anonymous (though hardly anonymous, at this point).

Los Angeles, CA: Man playing poker on his porch is shot for unknown reasons. (source)

Fort Collins, CO: Friend of the family sexually assaults a nine year old girl while playing board games. (source)

Alton, VA: One man slashes another at a card game. (source)

Göpfritz, Austria: One pensioner whacks another to death with a chair at a card game, and then hangs himself in shame the next day. (source)

Kaohsiung, Taiwan: 52 year old man with a history of heart disease plays Mahjong, drinks, eats candy, and smokes for 10 hours straight and then drops dead. (source)

Nanchez, MI: Man shot in neck during a dice game. (source)

Dubai, UAE: An arrest warrant is issued for a man currently promoting the Chess industry in Russia. He’s wanted for a large unpaid debt. (source)

Rotorua, New Zealand: Two tour drivers fight and spill blood at a card game. (source)

Salt lake City, UT: Boy killed playing card game crossed with Russian Roulette. (source)

Front Royal, VA: Man charged with robbery and abduction after robbing a card game using a gun. (source)