To: The Pawns
From: Rob
Subject: Team Kalajian +1

Today I celebrate the birth of my 3rd child, Greyson Alexander Kalajian.  He was born at 12:08pm, weighs 6lbs 8oz, and is 19″ long.  Both mom and baby are happy and healthy, and his older brother and sister are ecstatic.

I’m now home, and have just gotten the kids to bed.  Feels kinda of weird not to have Bea around, and I hated having to leave her and the baby at the hospital.  She’ll be coming home Tuesday, and I’ll be holding down the fort until then.

I’ll also be home for 2 weeks, taking my vacation time to help out around the house.  You may see more, or less, of me here.  I’m not quite sure.