Dust Tactics is a 30mm miniatures game set in a pretty interesting universe.  Alderac Entertainment Group and Dust Studio have come up with a scifi, WWII setting with mechs and other technologies.

The starter box will come with 30 minis, 4 mechs, and 2 heroes.  Split that in half and you’ve got your American and German forces.  Future releases include Soviets, Japanese, and even South Americans and Australians.

The minis are all base-coated out of the box, so you can tell armies apart without painting. The minis are pre-assembled, and apparently the base coat is perfect to paint on out-of-the-box, if you’re so inclined.

The setting sounds really interesting, and as you can see here, the minis look like they’ll be pretty awesome. I hope the rules will hold my interest, because I can see this as a minis came I might really be able to get into.

(photo by Jay Adan)