Finding Dulcinea pimps board games, Yottaquest, games in education, The Settlers of Catan, Board Games with Scott, and many other topics. (source)

The Visalia Times-Delta pimps retro board games in a column called “Down Memory Lane”. (source) Today she plays Bunco.

CrunchGear pimps Bubble-Talk, an Apples to Apples-like game of playing short phrases onto pictures. (source)

LEGO says that its new line of board games are what’s boosting its sales. (source)

The Hartford Courant pimps board games’ staying power. (source)

A blogger in the Phoenix New Times pimps the foodie board game What’s Cookin?. (source)

Dunstable Today pimps Tom Lennett, the designer of Numenko. (source)

South Africa’s BuaNews pimps Asiphile, a board game about sexual health. (source)

The Financial Mail Women’s Forum pimps girls …. hmmm, that didn’t sound right … by sponsoring a financial board game design challenge. Six girls aged 16 to 17 from Withington Girl’s school, calling their design group “Money Minded”, walked away with £3,000 for the first place design. (source) The game board is brain shaped and it has brain-shaped tokens.

An awesome interview [PDF] with Warhammer designers John Stallard and Rick Priestly in last month’s Battlegames.