Magic: While Rise of the Eldrazi, the last set of Zendikar, works its way toward us (release April 23), the first set of the next block, scheduled for October, has now been named: Scars of Mirrodin. (more info)

Feb 10th saw the release of the next Pokemon set: HeartGold and SoulSilver. HS-Unleased comes in May. (source, more info) The Las Vegas Sun pimps. (source)

Yu-Gi-Oh! also continues with its CCG dominance (source), however I don’t really understand their release schedule, so you’re on your own. Did you know that there exist Yu-Gi-Oh! arcade games called Duel Terminals into which you can scan your cards and then play the machine? (more info)

Topps is releasing a Match Attax TCG for the World Cup (source) as well as a TCG for the relatively new Indian Premier League cricket. (source) Topps would also like you know how successful its Club Penguin TCG is doing. (source)

Phylo: The Trading Card Game is a CCG based on real-world animals, the inspiration for which is that, apparently, more kids can name Pokemon creatures than real-world animals. The game will be open source, and the game design is still being worked out. (source)

And in news affecting all of the above, Cult-Stuff reports that the price of cardboard, and hence card-stock, is going up. (source)