The Keller Citizen (a McClatchy Company newspaper) pimps a local Keller board game group. (source)

The Georgia Bulletin (the newspaper of the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Atlanta)  pimps Jeff Burns, promoter of his father’s game Tri – Cross. (source) (the remains of the now defunct Ann Arbor News) has a new columnist Mike Hulsebus, and he’s into Eurogames in his new column Critical Hits (no relation to the blog Critical Hits). He disses Sorry and pimps Cloud 9 and Totally Renamed Spy Game (article). He disses Trivial Pursuit and pimps Wits And Wagers (article). He disses Mousetrap and pimps Dominion (article). I’m not sure if this is he.

The Norwich Bulletin pimps Military Whist. (source)

Apparently, the late Michael Jackson’s mom Katherine is a big fan of board games, especially Pictionary, and plays them in her new role as guardian of his kids. (source)

The Maryland Gazette (a Post-Newsweek newspaper) pimps Dungeons and Dragons. (source)

Geeks Are Sexy pimps The Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Puerto Rico, Munchkin, and Arkham Horror. (source)

Jamaica apparently wants Dominoes to become the national sport of Jamaica and an Olympic sport. (source) Bad idea, as Jamaica tends to lose Dominoes players over time.

The Salt Lake Tribune (a MediaNews Group newspaper) pimps the game group Game Night Games. (source)