I have to admit I didn’t even know of this game’s existence until I read a review of it over on GeekDad today.

At first glance, my first thought was: “I want this game!”

Iconica is both designed and illustrated by Eric Torres, and is set in his World of Rynaga. The design is both minimalist, and breathtaking, and immediately caught my eye.

Eric hand makes each set, and sells them through Etsy for $16.  You can even purchase more cards for the game there at $3 a piece.

When you buy a 2 player starter set you get:

6 Iconica Character Cards (as depicted in the photos
1 Iconica Quick Reference card
2 standard 6-sided dice
36 game markers
2-player Iconica rules

The game is a 2 player tactical strategy game, and apparently he’s working on more cards and rules variations.