NanoStar is a mobile/social media platform for card games from Trip Hawkins, one-time founder of Electronic Arts and now CEO of Digital Chocolate. The basic goal is to create an electronic collectible card game, where the cards can be used in multiple games. And, of course, to milk you of your money.

They have a card game Castles running in beta on Facebook. I’d like to tell you how to play, but a) it took over an hour to load after I clicked “play a quick single-player game”, and b) I don’t know what the rules are, as I could not find them within the application or on Digital Chocolate’s site. I think the object is to swap your cards for higher cards and then knock when you think you have more than your opponent. But how the turns work, exactly, I couldn’t figure out.

I expect, if this gains in popularity, to see cardboard versions of these cards, eventually.