The plaintiff fees for the class action suit against Mattel for its lead tainted products appears to exceed the amount that Mattel was asked to pay. (source)

Fruitland Park, FL: One man attacks other players, including a woman and a six year old, at a card game using a chainsaw; luckily, he couldn’t get the chainsaw started. (source)

Miami Gardens, FL: Loser shoots dead 17 year old winner at a dice game in a park. (source)

Daytona Beach, FL: Police break up a three-card monte game on the beach. (source)

Fairbanks, AK: Man charged for leaving ill son alone at a hotel so he could play cards. (source)

Not really criminal: Elyria, OH: A newspaper apologizes to the Jewish community after a photograph of the winning board of a Scrabble player includes the word “Jewed”. (source) Meh.

East Point, GA: High school Chess champion shot and killed outside a subway. (source)

Jakarta, Indonesia: Man caught trying to smuggle crystal meth inside a Chess board. (source)

Taipei, Taiwan: 34 people arrested for Mahjong gambling on a street. (source)