Spin Master has launched what it promises will be a series of Bakugan preview videos, with the first one giving brawlers a sneak peek at upcoming releases for May and June. Highlights include:

  • A variety of core Bakugan with built-in pegs designed to accommodate the new Battle Gear. My favorite of these were the bull-like Sabator and Hakapoid, with its glowing eye.
  • Glotronoid, a Super Assault Bakugan with LED lights.
  • Mystic Chancer, a Bakuchance Super Assault Bakugan—when the figure opens, a die pops out to determine its G-Power.
  • Merlix, another Bakuchance Super Assault Bakugan, but where the die determines its Attribute.
  • Boomix, a freakin’ huge Battle Gear gun.