My enduring affection for Blood Bowl is pretty well known ’round these parts – seriously: fantasy creatures with limited rules, a solid tactical skirmish game and comprehensive rules for campaign play with a bloody sports theme? What’s not to love? So when Cyanide Studio put out a computer (and now XBox 360, PS3 and Nintendo DS) version of the game that fully replicated the rules, but were a bit disappointed when the game only included 7 of the miniature game’s 20+ teams. Well, now even that problem is about to b fixed – Cyanide Studios and Games Workshop have announced that Blood Bowl Legendary Edition will be released at the end of 2010. This new edition of the game will add 12 new races (bringing the total up to 20) with new stadiums, a new story mode and a host of updates to match the Blood Bowl Living Rulebook even more closely!