LA Weekly pimps James Taylor, designer of a game previously mentioned on PP, and source and designer proceed to whine about how hard it is to publish their game, just as if there is no board game renaissance occurring. (source) “In the U.S., there aren’t any small or midsize game publishers,” [James] says with a sigh. “It’s ‘Go big or go home.’ ” Say what? pimps games about credit, including Beat Debt (Consumer Credit Counseling Service, roll and move, not sure how much decision making is involved) Charge Large (appears to be a souped-up version of Monopoly), Celebrity Calamity (online), Thrive Time (cards with decision making skills), Paid Off! (allegedly a Hasbro game), CreditSafe (online sim developed with assistance of the Illinois Institute of Technology),  Stage Coach Island (mmo), Bad Credit Hotel (online). (source, via)

The Iowa Hawkeye pimps Magic: The Gathering with an introductory article about some local players. (source)

The Star Telegram partially redeems itself by pimping Word On The Street, 10 Days In The USA, Ninja Versus Ninja, Typo, Scrabble Upwords, Pack and Stack, Fluxx, Aquarius, and Chrononauts. (source is supposedly, via)

Star News Online pimps the Wilmington Games Group and Cape Fear Games, as well as The Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Boggle Junior, and Apples to Apples. (source)

WLFI pimps a new place to play Magic: The Gatheringin Lafayette. (source)