The 13th Board Game Studies Colloquium is underway in Paris, France.

Sessions I’m particularly interested in, judging only from the titles:

  • Fred Horn, “Lost treasures: hidden gems of abstract/strategic board games within the pages of Games & Puzzles nos 1-77 (1972-80)”
  • Tom Werneck, “The impact of the Award ‘Spiel des Jahres’ on the Development of the Market for Board Games in Germany”
  • Bruce Whitehill, “‘The Checkered Game of Life, 1860 – Milton Bradley’s First Game”
  • David Parlett, “What’s it all about? – Abstraction and representationalism in games”
  • Michele B. King, “From gangsta’ to gamester: an entertainment-education strategy for a school-based gang prevention program”
  • Dores Ferreira, Pedro Palhares, Jorge Nuno Silva, “The ability to play games and its connection with pattern recognition”

The full program is at the site.