Well-known Christian board game publishers include the likes of Talicor-Aristoplay and Cactus Game Design, whose product lines include several respected Christian and non-Christian games.

Possibly less well known are the very few examples I could find of Christian role playing games, possibly in part because certain fundamental streams of Christianity condemn role playing as satanic, regardless of its content.

  • Ravspel (Rollspel) publishes The Way in both Swedish and English, a role playing game intended for church youth groups.
  • Dragonraid from Adventures for Christ allegedly teaches participants to “resist sin, counter deceptive arguments, memorize Scripture, and build moral and spiritual character”. The company still didn’t manage to escape the fundamentalists ire.
  • Holy Lands from FaithQuest Games is published under the tag line “Let’s Hunt Some Devils”. I’m guessing that this game includes as many devils, demons, and so on as normal fantasy RPGs, but ensures that they are the bad guys.

While we’re on the subject, there is a new Christian board game publisher called Sporadic Games, or possibly Faith Based Gaming. Their games include a TCG called Bible Battles (Israelites vs Romans). Sporadic Games is also oddly enough *scratch* *scratch* connected to a new company called Warcoach, whose only game is (yet another) MMA fighting game called MMA Master.