dungeonquest-3d-box.pngFantasy Flight Games seems to be bound and determined to reprint every classic Games Workshop board game they can…Today, FFG announced they would be releasing a remake of the nostalgic favorite dungeon crawl, DungeonQuest. The game is being described as a reimagining, meaning we’ll likely see most of the rules completely redone (as was the case with the recent Horus Heresy – which I’m enjoying quite a bit, thank you very much) along with upgraded components. Interestingly, FFG has decided to move the setting of the game to their own default setting, Terrinoth, rather than retain the original generic setting. Personally, I need another dungeon crawl board game like I need a visit from the IRS, but DungeonQuest is considered somewhat unique in the genre as the dungeon is “automated” – not requiring intervention from the players to determine what happens as their heroes explore. DungeonQuest will retail for $60 US and will probably be available around GenCon (late summer).