Stewart Lamle, designer of the abstract game Farook, has been barred from hawking his game out in the city streets of Santa Monica without a license, despite his claiming that his game is a physical representation of his philosophy and therefore covered under free speech, and not simply an item he is selling to earn a living. (source)

Jane Ruemmele, designer of Chronology, is suing Fundex for not reporting properly on how many of her games have been sold and adjusting her royalties accordingly. Jane’s original license was with the Great American Puzzle factory, which Fundex acquired in 2007. Apparently, Fundex is also defending itself from a lawsuit from Kenneth Johnson, creator of Phase 10. (source)

In what appears to be the fashionable crime of the toy industry, an ex-controller at Cepia, creators of Zhu Zhu Pets, is charged with embezzling more than $400,000. (source)

Marvel and Jack Kirby’s estate are suing each other over the rights to most of Kirby’s characters and story-lines. (source) It gets complicated.