I’ve previously covered the cross-media elements of Cell: The Corporate War, and now Warpunk Studios writes to tell us the chronicles of the Blak Universe is now organized and available to check out in a coherent timeline.  While the story is far from over, you can view everything that’s been put out so far across multiple media formats.

A fierce urban war between massive powerful private companies sowed
the thorns which would result in a machine-Marxist revolt and force
factional battles spanning the solar system. This is the Blak

Theme Song: Deliver Me by Gina Lily

Era 1: 2040s A.D.

Cell: The Corporate War: The strategy card game that allows players to
fight the Corporate War themselves, deciding once and for all who will
own the Sprawl.

Short Story: Micky Maus: This story tells the tale of an abused
research subject that flees the Corporation that dictates her life and
the unlikely heroes who will fight at all costs to get her out.

Neuronet web-site: Animated Story Narrative: An animated Flash site
that describes the era of Cell in great detail using images from the
card game. The topics include:

Corporations, The Rise of Japan, Technology, The Black Market, The
Ronin, Hackers, Hover Bikers, NEMESIS, The Sprawl, Com Cells, Res
Cells, Barren Cells

Era 2: 2095 A.D.

The eventual effect of the Corporate War was to lead people,
especially the cybernetically augmented, to the cause of a hive
communism, ruled by mysterious forces.

Blak History: This page describes the machine communist uprising and
attack on Earth.

Dirtgirl: An ongoing episodic telling of the adventures of a hero of
these times, in the years before the attack on earth. Story Episodes
1-3 published.

Blak Dragon: A Game of Space Warfare: A board-game fusion of cards,
record sheets and components that allows players to fight in space as
a faction in Blak Dragon. Includes network hacking, robots, infantry
and spacer units, boarding party battles and more and is mission

Animated Introduction: Daemon 7.0 gives you the rundown on Blak Dragon.

Play-test Forum: The Battle School: Blak Dragon has been published as
a free print-and-play beta version “Prime”. The Battle School has been
set up as a basic forum for bettering the game before it is print
published later this year.

Warpunk has created a rich universe and put a ton of work into creating content that, in reality, they didn’t need to do. It shows how much they take their work seriously, and allow you to enjoy the work they’ve created in multiple venues.