The Healing Blade, by two doctors/geeks who operate Nerdcore Learning, is a card game that looks as much like a modern fantasy warfare card game as possible. Except that one side plays Latin-named infectious diseases (made up to look like scantily-clad fantasy women, dragons, etc.) and the other a team of apothecaries looking to cure them (made up to look like heroes, scantily-clad female warriors, etc.)

It’s not a trivia game, but players learn or put into practice real-world knowledge of fighting infections during game play (there is no drug-resistance modeling in Pandemic, as far as I know).

Theoretically Healing Blade is available for purchase on Amazon, but it doesn’t appear to be in stock, which means it’s either sold out or has not yet arrived.


Update: One way to fight infection is to stop walking around scantily-clad.