James Gadiel’s son was murdered by Muslim terrorists at the World Trade Center on 9/11, and this has turned James into a fierce anti-illegal immigration activist. As a result, he has self-published a trivia game on the subject: Illegal Immigration.

From the sample questions provided on the site, it’s obvious that James has an axe to grind and a singular point of view. Not to mention that fact that, once you get the gist, it’s pretty easy to guess the answers to all of his inflammatory questions.

E.g. Mary Ryan was one of the State Department officials responsible for getting rid of screening procedures that would have kept the 9/11 terrorists from getting visas. True or False: She was fired for her incompetence. Any guesses as to the answer to that one?


On the subject of illegal immigration games, last year we wrote about a game that demonstrates the difficultly that legal immigrants face.