silverage.jpgNo…we’re not expanding coverage to include comic books (at least I’m pretty sure Yehuda would change my password if I tried…). Instead, we wanted to draw your attention to the third release in the series of expansions for Mutants & Masterminds covering the various eras of comic book history: M&M Silver Age. This series is designed to give you all the ammunition you need to run a campaign in one of the various periods of comic book history (previous titles have covered the Golden and Iron ages). What sets these sourcebooks apart for me is the inclusion of a lovingly researched section covering the history of the era in question. The new silver age sourcebook carries this tradition forward and Steve Kenson even works in a bit of the oft-ignored bronze age of comics – making this a great sourcebook for fans of superhero role playing regardless of system preference. Mutants & Masterminds Silver Age is out this week and retails for $27.95 US.