warheads.jpgWow – a game aimed at children (all of them, including girls) that brings role playing and miniature wargaming together with a full-color magazine and an unnaturally high dose of cuteness. But what is Warheads really? Essentially, it’s a miniature wargame with two factions: Gui’s Gits and Hugo’s Heroes. Each faction has a pack of miniatures that are super cute (though they’re still standard 28mm white metal miniatures). Game scenarios are presented through a six-issue series of full color magazines (the first of which has the rules for the game) which advance the storyline of the game and introduce roleplaying elements. There isn’t much in the way of detail around gameplay, schedules or cost, but the figures and presentation are undeniably charming. The first set of releases is titled “Medieval Tales,” so we suspect that there will be future sets using different themes (and presumably new magazines and miniatures). Warheads will launch in the retail channel in mid-May.

Hat Tip to Chris Pramas