Muncie, IN: A woman falsely accuses a guy of raping her after she walks into his room – naked – while playing Strip Yahtzee. (source) This is her second false rape accusation in a few months.

NYC, NY: The Gambino family, charged with murder, extortion, and so on, is also accused of pimping out underage girls, occasionally bringing the girls to high-stakes card games. (source)

Erie, PA: Man fires gun into the air to scare off men trying to enter his house during a dice game. (source)

Not criminal, but in Lincolnshire, UK: Police are looking for whomever lost a large box of Magic cards in the park. (source) The Lincolnshire police display a blinding ignorance of what the cards are.

Brentwood, TX: Man assaulted during a dice game. (source)

Waterloo, IA: Four arrested for playing dice at a tavern. (source)

Middleburg, FL: 32 year old woman tries to pepper spray her 71 year old mother during a card game. (source)