Mattel is sued by Quia Corp for trademark infringement over “iXL”. (source) On the other hand, folks are bullish over Mattel’s upcoming plans for a new franchise called Monster High, which includes movies, books, games, toys, blah blah blah. (source) No relation to the dumb movie from 1989, as far as I know.

Hasbro supposedly commissioned a survey indicating that more than 80% of Americans like playing board games with their families, and 39% do so at least once a month. (source) Newsweek praises Monopoly. (source)

4Kids delisted from NYSE for failing to maintain a minimum market capitalization. (source) It’s sales are down, a lot. At least one third party is interested in buying 4kids.

MEGA Brands is up, mostly on construction and boys’ toys. (source)

Console games are down again, way down. 25% down. (source) But that may be due to online and smartphone gaming making consoles pretty much obsolete.