And we mean sue – this is no cease and desist letter, but a full blown lawsuit with summon to jury trial. This week, Games Workshop filed a lawsuit in Maryland District Court alleging use of protected copyright for profit (there are actually multiple, multiple causes of action, but they all revolve around this theme). The suit is over, a site that Curse operates to support fans of the Warhammer Online MMO. To our knowledge, this is the first time that GW has actually filed a full lawsuit against a fan site (there have been plenty of legal notices but not a lot of actual suits). What makes this even more bizarre is that GW staffers have done interviews and worked on brand compliance for the site in the past! It’s unclear if this is the result of a previous C&D letter (which would be the path this type of situation normally takes), but the action will probably have a chilling effect on other fan support sites that don’t operate as non-profits (many of whom received C&Ds earlier this year).