Here’s a little more about Hasbro’s new line of U-Build games, some of which seem kind of neat, and some of which seem pretty bizarre. The games will be released on May 24, and until then you can get buy 1, get 1 at half price.

Game: Battleship
U-Build: You can build your own ships, including additional weapons. I think it also allows you to change the size and shape of the ships.

Game: Connect 4
U-Build: You build pinball-like bumpers over the board, and then you drop your pieces through the bumpers, trying to get four in a row.

Game: Monopoly
U-Build: Definitely the coolest looking one of the lot, the constructable board looks like it gives you the ability to lay add decisions to the piece movement.

Game: Mouse Trap
U-Build: Why? Wasn’t the original game already the definition of a “u-build” game? In this game, you shoot marbles at the cheese bricks, trying to collect 10 of them.

Game: Sorry
U-Build: Make and break walls with the Lego-like pieces as the game plays.