by Mike DrysdaleOn Saturday, May 8, Hagoth set sail for lands northward starting at Game Night Games in Salt Lake City.  The event had about 20 people show up to learn the game from its creator Mike Drysdale.

Hagoth, a light set-collection action management game, is Mayday Games’ latest title.  Players lay out blueprints for ships from cards in hand and collect wood to build them for points.  Once built, players attempt to successfully sail to Lands Northward for even more points.  The first player to 25 points is declared the Master Ship Builder and wins the game.

Mayday has also released Space Junkyard, a former print-and-play title, and a variety of deluxe wooden token sets.  Later this year, Mayday will also be releasing lower-priced Crokinole boards for people that cannot afford boards from such manufacturers as the Helsinki Brothers.