While I don’t have a regular game group, I do play games more at work than I do at home.  I’m luck to work in an office with two other avid boardgamers, and we always try to find time during lunch to play some games. Also lucky, is that we usually play in a space where we can leave a game set up if we can’t finish in a 1 hour period of time.

Does anyone else out there play games at work? What’s your setup like? How many people do you normally play with? What are some of your favorite games to play at work?

We’re huge fans of playing Pandemic, Zooloretto, For Sale, and Settlers of Catan. We’ve been trying to find time to play some larger games such as Shogun, Agricola, and BattleLore.  Seeing as I kept a majority of my game collection a work, we really have a good amount of games to choose from.