Sometimes I just want to close these browser tabs, already …

A graduate of the Sebastian County Drug Court created a Hugs Not Drugs game. (source) Amusing because the writer says that the game was “modeled after Monopoly, with a little bit of Risk thrown in.” When, in fact, there are cards called “Risk” cards in the game. I’m pretty sure the game has little to do with Monopoly, too, except for having been pasted onto a Monopoly board.

The Tulsa World pimps Strat-O-Matic Baseball. (source)

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald pimps Mike Oats, the mayor’s husband, and his word game from octagons, Octuputs. (source) It takes two hours for him to make each copy of the game by hand.

Bridgeport, NE: Yet another election (for sheriff) decided with a card draw. (source)