It’s been public knowledge for a while that Fantasy Flight Games is working on a rerelease of the Tannhäuser game released a few years ago. This innovative skirmish action game used an innovative pathfinding system that simplified character movement and made line of sight checking a complete non-issue without significantly reducing strategic options. The big question has been how FFG would put out the new version. After all, many of us have copies of the game that aren’t real old. Well, now we know – in addition to any new boxed sets (which are anticipated, but not confirmed), FFG is releasing the Tannhäuser Revised Edition Rulebook – a 96 page book covering the revised rules system, new fluff and conversions for evey product currently on the market. What’s more, they’ve already released a 20-page preview of the new rules so people can get a feel for how the game has changed. The Tannhäuser Revised Edition Rulebook will be available later this spring and will retail for $9.95 US for a print version or $5US for a PDF download.