You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to make this post – Evil Hat Productions has released the pre-order PDFs for the first two books of the Dresden Files RPG (“Your Story” and “Our World”). For those who don’t share my rabid expectation of this long-awaited title, DFR is an RPG based on the Fate system made popular by Evil Hat’s Spirit of the Century game and set in Jim Butcher’s popular Dresden Files novels (a modern-fantasy series detailing the life of Chicago’s resident wizard investigator, Harry Desden). The reviews have started coming in (like this one from the Ogre Cave) and they’re very positive – both of the mechanics and the text itself. If you want a physical copy of the game’s two volumes, you’ll have to wait until Origins. The Dresden Files RPG Volume 1: Your Story will retail for $49.99 US and Volume 2: Our World will retail for $39.99 US (you can pre-order and get the early PDFs from the Evil Hat store).