Miami, FL: Couple playing cards are surprised when an 18 month old baby come sailing over an 18 foot wall and lands in their patio. The baby was ejected from a car crash on the other side of the wall. (source)

St Augustine, FL: Another case of a parent playing cards while the child is left in the hot car. (source)

Clarkston, NY: Boy steals 11 packs of playing cards from a Target. (source)

Elyria, OH: Two teens fight over a card game, and one goes pretty much bonkers. (source)

Adelaide, Australia: Two guys shot in the back at a card game, possibly gang related. (source)

Baltimore, MD: Two guys get in a tussle over Yu-Gi-Oh cards, caught on video. (source)

Kingsport, TN: MMA instructor beats up the winning player at a card game. (source)

Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Five people arrested for the questionable activities of using drugs, detaining women, and playing cards. (source)

George Town, Malaysia: Police arrest 32 gamblers for playing Tai Sai, aka Chinese Craps. (source)