Cincinnati, OH: Armed men with suspiciously too much information rob a poker game. (source)

Also Cincinnati, OH: Somebody robber upwards of $50k worth of stuff from the offices of Late for the Sky Productions. (source)

Grand Rapids, MI: Man sentenced to 18 months on probation for running a poker game with topless female dealers and jello shots at a Ramada Plaza Hotel. He says that he honestly didn’t know it was illegal in this jurisdiction. (source)

Derbyshire, UK: Disabled grandfather arrested by eight police officers for driving home drunk from a Dominoes game. He was driving a mobility scooter with a top speed of 4 mph. (source)

Surry County, VA: Two armed men with bullet proof vests burst into and rob a card game, getting away with $200. One of the card players managed to shoot one of the robbers to death. (source) A helpful neighbor’s reaction was to say that she’s “glad things didn’t get even more out of hand than they did.”