Brianna Allen received a scholarship from the Visual Arts and Media Studies Division of the Pasadena City Council Art Gallery for the 58th Annual Scholarship Exhibition. Her piece, entitled “A Battle Without Blood”, is a Chess set set on sand where the pieces are origami of Iraqi dinars. (source)

In New Zealand, the student company Excel Corporations won the Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme business presentation finals for North Shore and Rodney with their business board game Make a Million. (source)

Ars Technica promotes Small World for the Ipad, a story picked up by CNN and other major mainstream media sources. (source)

Pop Matters pimps Brenda Brathwaite and her various art game projects in a nice article. (source)

Inc. profiles which apparently brought in $8.6 million last year and employs 135 people. 20% of that is Magic, with Yu-Gi-Oh and Heroclix doing a good job, too. (source)

RIP Art Linkletter, an early radio and TV personality who was tapped to promote Hasbro’s new version of The Game of Life in the 1960s. His image appeared on the $100,000 bill. (source)

The makers of the No-C-Em board game may just be the very first board game publisher wannabees to make money from the Dragon’s Den. We’re not entirely sure what happened yet, and won’t know for certain until the episode is shown next fall.

ICv2 lists what they measure as the top CCGs, top family/hobby board games, top RPGs, and top non-collectible mini games from Q1 2010.

In Williamsburg, VA, high schooler Josh Blum won the High Street Video Essay Contest sponsored by Roseland Properties for his Scrabblemation on What is an American. (source)