Let’s face it, the only expected result of a Games Workshop price increase is gamer outrage. As we reported earlier, the company infamous for semi-yearly price increases has announced another round of price increases (if they haven’t hit you yet, they will – I have confirmed with retailers that comparable price increases are hitting the US). This has been accompanied by the traditional outcry of “Evil!!!” that seems to accompany every GW price increase. However, this is the first time I’m aware of another game publisher getting in on the act. Mantic Games has published the above video as a direct response to GW’s price increase. While I don’t find it particularly funny, I do wonder if GW has pushed prices to a breaking point (several retailers have noted a strong pick-up in smaller skirmish games and renewed interest in other, smaller games like those from Privateer Press) or if this is just an example of one business using consumer resentment to prop up their own sales.