The World Chess Hall of Fame, currently languishing in obscurity and facing eviction, is moving to the new and pretty Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St Louis. Read about its history at source. (source)

Kirsan Ilyzumzhinov, president of the World Chess Federation who is hoping to be re-elected, is spending $1,000,000 on a series of Chess tournaments to honor his late predecessor, Florencio Campomanes. (source)

Macon’s The Telegraph pimps a 60 year old Bridge club. (source)

November’s upcoming Goonies DVD set will include a board game. (source)

In the Daily Herald, a columnist pimps Ryan Sylvander, owner of Better Games Marketing. Ryan pimps board games, but I don’t know much more about what he does, since I can’t find any info on him other than that he does it in Boca Raton, FL. (source)