The new Japanese prime minister, Naoto Kan, is not only a Mahjong enthusiast, he once wrote a program for calculating Mahjong scores and tried to market it. (source)

At the Fairfield Methodist Primary School in Singapore, parents and pupils are using board games and role play to learn about how to manage personal finance. (source)

In South Carolina, a marriage and family therapist describes how he uses the board game Scruples to assess and diagnose empathy in children. (source)

Playreport is a study on play sponsored by IKEA. The results indicate that an overwhelming number of kids would prefer to play games with their parents than watch TV. (source) They asked 11,000 people around the world.

Goliath claims that Pop the Pig has sold over $100,000,000 in retail sales. Yes, you read that right; over 100 million dollars. (source)

The China Post describes the world of toys and games played by Haredi Jews. Not a bad job, actually. Actually, the article is by a DPA journalist. (source)