Moody’s says that the US gambling industry is picking up (or at least level, instead of negative, as it has been for a few years). (source)

Dominic Crapuchettes pimps his company North Star Games, gives sales statistics, and talks about the future. (source)

Clever Mojo Games raised nearly triple the $5,000 it was hoping to raise to publish its first game Alien Menace.  228 backers. The game will be printed by Panda Games Manufacturing, and will hopefully hit the market in October.

Derk Solo of BGG will prepare you for your trip to the Essen Game Fair in a pre-trip cruise down the Rhine. (source)

The new season of The IT Crowd starts, and they now have board games, including Euro games,  on their shelves. See a screen shot at source. (source) And much of the first show follows a game of D&D.