Market analysts recommended Mattel and Hasbro over the last year, owing to their powerful performances during the recession, as well as dozens of seemingly profitable business ventures, such as movies (Toy Story 3, Battleship/Monopoly), children’s television, digital game deals, and so on.

In the last week, a few analysts have pulled back to NEUTRAL, citing short term expenses of these ventures that will offset earnings, as well as a weakening Euro. (e.g.)

Now Hasbro, a $6 billion company, is/was holding talks about a purchase bid that would take it private from Providence Equity Partners, a holding group with investments in the likes of Warner Bros, Hulu, Universal Communications, and the Yankees Entertainment TV Channel. (source)

The NY Times says that talks actually collapsed a week ago, but may restart. (source)

Update: Hasbro says they were approached, but are uninterested. (source)