No, this isn’t another version of Carcassonne for the iPhone, but a companion app to help you keep track of things in a physical game of Carcassonne.

The $1.99 iPhone app was created by Andrew Hoyer and let’s you track what tiles you’ve played, which tiles are left, and will warn you when there’s only 20 tiles left to be played. It covers the base game, and the following expansions: Inns & Cathedrals, Traders & Builders, The Princess & Dragon, The Tower, Abbey and Mayor, The Catapult, King & Scout, and the “GQ11” Mini Expansion.

While lacking some polish, it’s a handy little app for people who like to keep track of this sort of thing. Andrew was kind enough to toss a free copy my way, and I’ve had a chance to putz around with it for a bit. It’s simple and useful, though I think a $0.99 price point would have been a better mark for it.