I’m not going to lie: I love my iPad (heck, my last six posts have been written on it) and I’m an absolute sucker for board games on the device. I’m playing nearly every single title on our top 10 list of the best iPad games at least once a week, so whenever a new game comes out, I’m there. Vintru recently released a port of Roll Through the Ages for the iPhone (though it scales decently on the iPad) featuring solitaire play and local multiplayer support. This implementation of the recent Spiel des Jahres nominee is pretty slick and very easy to play. A bit pricey (relatively speaking for this class of application) at $4.99, but in the few days I’ve had it, it’s gotten enough play to justify the cost.

And while we’re talking about gaming on Apple platforms, you might want to go ahead and pick up the Small World iPad app right now. The recently updated version .99 really completes the game in my view in terms of races and stability, but the upcoming version 1.0 has me really excited – AI players. Yup, Small World will no longer be just a replacement for your physical copy of the game, you’ll also be able to play it in those moments where you find yourself alone and jonesing for a game. Here’s the catch, 1.0 comes out in June, but will be $6.99 as opposed to the current $4.99 price, but it will be a free upgrade for existing users (in other words, grab it now).