I’m a huge fan of the Polish game, Neuroshima Hex, I just don’t get to play it as much as I’d like. That’s a problem that’s about to go away – Portal has announced that iPhone and iPad versions of their popular game are currently underway and will release soon. For the uninitiated, Neuroshima Hex is a tile game where players lay tiles in order to create positioning for combat between the various forces based on a Polish graphic novel set in a dystopian future (the IP is fairly popular in Europe and even has a RPG that I’m told is quite good). Neuroshima Hex for the iPhone/iPad will only support hotseat play during the initial release, with other multiplayer options following in the coming months. The iPhone version will be out soon and will retail for $2.99 US (a dedicated iPad version will follow later).

Updated: Updated info on multiplayer options based on comments!