In March we reported on the rumors that CGL may be in trouble. The core element of this trouble stemmed from a co-owner “co-mingling” the company’s finances with his own to the tune of some $850,000. A few employees left the company for various (including ethical) reasons, and CGL went into fighting mode. At least one additional employee was fired.

Here’s what’s been happening:

  • CGL put an immediate stop on sales of certain Shadowrun books as they negotiated with certain freelancers over past debts to them. Then they unstopped them.
  • CGL was in negotiation to pay off debts to certain parties (see Taharqa for details). Some of these parties, unhappy with the speed of negotiations, sued CGL to try to force them into bankruptcy. As of now, these suits have not succeeded (an immediate relief suit was rejected in favor of CGL). Additional legal proceedings are set for June 18.
  • Wildfire and Posthuman Studios ended their relationship with CGL, with Wildfire citing non-payment and other contract breaches. CGL will no longer publish Wildfire’s Cthulhutech or Poo: the Card Game, or Posthuman’s Eclipse Phase. Wildfire indicated recently that it’s close to closing a contract with a new publisher. Posthuman indicated recently that it is looking to do the same.
  • CGL dropped Alliance Distributors and is now working exclusively with Publisher Services.
  • Lone Wolf is now developing software tools for CGL’s licensed Shadowrun properties.

Most of this information comes directly from Catalyst’s press releases, while a bit of it comes from wading through various forum posts on Dumpshock.

Updated to clarify that Posthuman has not publicly made any non-payment claims against CGL.