Fatigue becomes a way of life by the fourth day of most conventions and Origins is no different. Generally speaking, Saturday is the crescendo of the convention, with the Origins Awards and many tournaments having their finals. It’s also the day that the weekend crowds invade in force, which can really compound the fatigue for those who’ve been hearer since the beginning. That said, it’s also the day that many get in serious gaming, leaving the shopping and events to the newcomers, which really helps in terms of minimizing the “crowded” feeling.

We’ll be posting the full details of the Origins Awards later tonight (if you were following us on Twitter, you would already know!), but the real story for Saturday is how robust the full con feels. Origins is absolutely packed this year, but it doesn’t feel so crowded that you can’t breathe. Most events are full and open gaming is going on everywhere (I counted no fewer than three pick-up games of Dresden Files during my trip back to my room last night).

Over the next few days, we’ll be providing you with a number of in-depth interviews, news (and a few items that I guarantee you haven’t heard) and even the full video of the Origins Awards, so be sure to check back!