It’s day three and your intrepid reporter is pretty dead on his feet. Day three at Origins is a pretty interesting experience in that it resembles day two, but with a layer of self-induced fatigue (which I’d why this is coming to you on the morning of day four!).

Not much opens on Friday (that was all on Thursday if you’ll remember), but there are a few things you may have missed:

  • The ever-increasing crowd: Like most cons, there are really two stages – the die hard crowd and the weekend warriors. Friday is when the weekenders start making an appearance and the con can feel a wee bit crowded (to put things in perspective, the 1000+ seat board room is completely sold out).
  • The rapidly disappearing new releases: Friday can be a rough day for people looking for new releases as most vendors will sell a ton on Thursday and then hold some back for the weekend crowd. Thunderstone, Founding Fathers and a few other hits were already pretty scarce in Friday morning.
  • The press events: Origins went out of their way to make sure the press had plenty to keep them busy. Combined with a full exhibit hall (which I’m still trying to get through completely) and you get one tired blogger (the upside for you, I’ve got at least five stories that I just haven’t had time to write yet…).

We’ll continue to post throughout the day (check out our various streams on Flickr, Qik, YouTube, Twitter) and check back later tonight as we attempt (fingers crossed) to stream the Origins Awards live from Columbus!