OH NOES! is right!

Do you know what day it is? It’s Saturday.

“Wait,” you say. “Purple Parlay is always on a FRIDAY. You’ve thrown my whole schedule is off, and now my life is ruined.”

So sorry, but you’re being seriously overdramatic…or at least the version of you in my mind is.

Calm down a bit, and let’s talk some games.

How about the Ticket to Ride World Championship. Crazy, eh? Not only is it awesome that it exists, but it’s awesome that they’re broadcasting it live. Big kudos to DoW for that.

I’m thinking more companies ought to do things like this, but which companies? Also, what games? While there’s too many games to have a live broadcast championship for everyone, there’s got to be a few great games worthy of this.

What names would you toss into the hat? Warhammer 40K? Pitchcar? Candyland!?