DOJ Inc., parent company of Hero Games, has announced its acquisition of a majority stake in Indie Press Revolution from Brennan Taylor, one of the company’s founders. Indie Press Revolution (IPR) is a distributor and online retailer for so-called indie publishers of roleplaying games. Brennan, one of IPR’s founders, will retain a minority interest, as will other current investors.

From a business perspective this may make a lot sense. DOJ has already been providing warehousing and shipping services for IPR for almost 2 years. But from a game perspective, this one will probably have some people scratching their heads. Hero Games is not what most people would consider “indie.” On the other hand, perhaps that’s something people should reconsider. I recommend listenting to a very interesting 2007 Theory From the Closet podcast episode in which Clyde Rhoer and Hero Games’ Darren Watts discuss that very subject.