And the winners are:

  • Wings of War – Best historical miniature figure or line
  • Flames of War: North Africa – Best miniature games rules or supplement
  • Wings of War: WW2 Deluxe – Best miniature game rules of the year
  • Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel – Best historical board game
  • Battletech 25 Years of Art & Fiction – Best game related book
  • Knights of the Dinner Table – Best game accessory
  • Marvel Heroclix: Hammer of Thor – Best miniature line or figure
  • Battletech: Strategic Operations – Best miniature game rules
  • Big Damn Heroes Supplement – Best rpg supplement
  • Eclipse Phase – Best RPG
  • Are You the Traitor – Best children’s, family or party game
  • Poo – Best traditional card game
  • Space Hulk – Best board game

And if you want to watch the shenanigans that are the Origins Awards, we have the entire session recorded and available for your viewing pleasure on our YouTube channel (due to length, we had to break it up into five segments), including the soon to be infamous champaign incident.