Avalanche Press is set to begin shipping a number of new war game products, including:

  • Battle of the Bulge—A reprint of the Panzer Grenadier boxed game.
  • They Shall Not Pass—A Game in a Book item.

And several Panzer Grenadier supplements:

  • Polish Steel—Representing the imagined post-WWII fight of Polish exiles for the liberation of their homeland from Communist control.
  • DAK ’44—Counters and scenarios for North African desert combat.
  • Hopeless But Not Serious—For the Austrian army’s actions against socialist and Nazi militias in 1934.
  • Iron Wolves—Mostly hypothetical scenarios for the Lithuanian army.
  • Workers & Peasants—A book supplement addressing 1941 and the near-defeat of the Soviet Union.
  • Black SS—Another book supplement, about the actions of the Waffen SS near the end of the war.