Japan: The Japan Sumo Association is embroiled in scandal as some of the wrestlers have admitted involvement in illegal gambling with Mahjong and Hanafuda, among other games. (source)

Wallsend, UK: One man knifes another (nearly) to death at a card game. (source)

Norwalk, CT: Two men arrested for using counterfeit money, won at a dice game (Cee-Lo), to purchase various items. (source)

Baltimore, MD: Dice game leads to one of several shootings in the city. (source) The way source reports it, I get the feeling that many or most game related violence/criminal activity goes unreported.

Tembisa, South Africa:  Police face a lawsuit for shooting a man to death who was playing Ludo in public in 2008, after they told him to stop because gambling is illegal. There is no indication that they were actually gambling. (source)

Hong Kong: Women lured by gangs into playing Mahjong, borrowing with high interest to pay off losses, and then forced into selling drugs to repay the loans. (source)