Looney Labs is a really interesting company. I don’t know many board game companies that can be said to have “fans.” I mean, sure, we all like Z-Man and Rio Grande and Fantasy Flight, but would you really call yourself a fan? Andy’s Loonies are fans. Total and complete. I’m pretty sure I was the only member of the press at the “What’s Next with Looney Labs” event this year, but the room was packed and everyone there (and I mean everyone) was way more excited and knowledgeable than I was. But, for you, dear reader, I persevered.

So what is next with Looney Labs? As it turns out, quite a bit:

  • Promos, promos, promos: If people love Looney Labs, its very fair to say that Looney Labs loves people back. This year will see promo cards released for just about every one of their Fluxx games as well as for Chononauts. These promos are built using a new approach that results in no perforations on the card (you can check out our video of how this works here) which is something I wouldn’t mind seeing other publisher’s pick up.
  • Back to the Future – In celebration of the re-relase of the Back to the Future movies, Looney Labs has put together a revision of their Chrononauts game based on the movies. The new game features heavily revised rules and seemed pretty popular with the playtest groups (including among people who didn’t like the original Chrononauts game).
  • Year of Treehouse: Andy was pretty blunt that his treehouse series of games (which use the multi-colored treehouse pyramids) just haven’t been as successful as they feel they should be. So in 2011, there will be a renewed focus on the game, including new packaging for the pyramids, a new intro game that includes three sets of pyramids and five games (currently titled Looney Pyramids) and a new two-player set.